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Taylor Swift Folklore Font

Taylor Swift, the renowned singer and songwriter, has continually captivated audiences with her musical prowess and ability to connect through her heartfelt lyrics. In July 2020, she surprised her fans with the release of her eighth studio album, "Folklore." Departing from her pop music roots, the album embraced a more indie folk and alternative sound, exploring themes of love, loss, and personal growth. Alongside the enchanting melodies and introspective storytelling, the album's visual elements, such as the cover art and logo, played a significant role in capturing the essence of "Folklore." In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of the Taylor Swift Folklore font, unraveling the story behind its creation, its connection to the album, and its unique vintage aesthetic.

Taylor Swift's "Folklore" Album: A Departure from Pop

Taylor Swift has never shied away from experimenting with different musical styles and genres throughout her career. With the release of "Folklore," she took a bold step away from her pop music roots, offering her fans a refreshing and introspective journey. The album features a blend of indie folk and alternative music, showcasing Swift's maturity as an artist. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in rural Pennsylvania, "Folklore" explores themes of nostalgia, introspection, and storytelling. It quickly became one of her most acclaimed and successful albums, resonating with fans worldwide.

Unveiling the Font: IM Fell DW Pica

When Taylor Swift unveiled the cover art and logo for her "Folklore" album, fans were captivated by its vintage-inspired aesthetic. Many wondered about the font used in the album and embarked on a search to uncover its identity. The font that graces the "Folklore" album is known as the IM Fell DW Pica font. This font, specifically the Italic version, was chosen to represent the album's visual identity, evoking a sense of history, mystery, and the artist's upbringing.

The Legacy of IM Fell DW Pica

To truly appreciate the Taylor Swift Folklore font, we must delve into its fascinating history. The IM Fell DW Pica font is a digital revival of a typeface that dates back to the 17th century. Named after John Fell, a bishop of Oxford and a patron of printing, this font pays homage to the rich heritage of typography. Fell collected and commissioned various types from different countries, and one of the type-cutters he hired was Peter de Walpergen. It was Walpergen who created the Pica or small-size fonts in both Roman and Italic styles. After Fell died in 1686, these fonts were bequeathed to the University of Oxford, where they are still preserved and used today.

The Unique Aesthetic of IM Fell DW Pica

The IM Fell DW Pica font carries a distinct vintage aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the mood and theme of Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album. Its irregular shapes, rough edges, and ink blots mimic the imperfections of the 17th-century printing process, adding character and charm to the typography. The font features ligatures, swashes, and ornaments that enhance its elegance and versatility. With a high contrast between thick and thin strokes, the IM Fell DW Pica font exudes a dynamic and expressive look, making it a remarkable choice for conveying emotion and storytelling through typography.


The Taylor Swift Folklore font, also known as the IM Fell DW Pica Italic font, is an excellent choice for designers seeking a unique and rustic aesthetic. It perfectly captures the vintage-inspired mood of Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album, adding depth and character to any design project. With its historical origins and handcrafted appearance, the Folklore font tells a story of its own, mirroring the storytelling nature of Swift's music. Whether you're designing posters, logos, banners, or any other artistic project, our generator allows you to experiment and find the perfect look.

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